I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Sunday, October 20, 2013

~Fall Baking~

Hello friends,

I have been making super easy dinners lately as my husband has been traveling.  Like breakfast for dinner!  We've been eating waffles, eggs, etc. because they are super easy and make for easier clean-up.  Last night I continued on the theme and tried these apple cider pancakes.  I have been a follower of the blog Country Pleasures for awhile and when she posted this recipe I knew I had to try it.  She writes about it here.  No need to run to IHOP to try their latest specialty pancakes when you can make these in your own kitchen.  They were gobbled up in no time by my boys.  The syrup is such a nice touch on top of the fluffy pancakes.  The recipe calls for sparkling cider but regular cider worked just as well.

We have been celebrating fall all month long by visiting our pumpkin patch, picking apples and taking walks in the crisp air.

What have you been doing this fall?


Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Memorial Day my friends!  Wow, my little blog has been sorely neglected.  I am sorry.  I am in heaven with this long weekend which allows me a chance to breathe deeply and enjoy my family and home.  We've been having a cloudy, rainy weekend.  This has given me an opportunity to clean and de-clutter my home.  Those are two things that always make me happy:)

With the school year behind us now we are all looking forward to a more relaxed schedule.  The backpacks will stay in the closet for a few months which means the beach towels and swim trunks will come out.  The pool is beckoning my youngest and I promised him we'd get there just as soon as the weather warms up a wee bit more.

Have a wonderful day doing whatever you love.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Spring is Finally Here!

Spring has finally arrived in northwest Indiana and none too soon!  We had such a long winter and a cold March which made everyone anxious for Spring.  My spring bulbs have bloomed and I couldn't be happier.

 While working in my garden on Sunday the sweet perfume of my hyacinths was just heavenly.

I had been wanting a chalkboard in my kitchen for a long time and I finally found what I needed at Hobby Lobby to put it together and got it hung up in time for an Easter message.  That's one project off my list!

Meanwhile my youngest son had planted sunflower seeds at school and ever since he brought them home he has been faithful to remind me to water the tender sprouts.  Too bad his sweet pea seeds never sprouted:(

Lastly, I thought I would share a photo of my boys playing outside over Spring Break.  They are working together to make a smoke bomb.  What boys don't think of to do!

Each day I see more blades of green grass and larger buds on the plants and trees.   I love it!  Can you tell Spring is my favorite season?  I think it's exciting to see the plants waken up and for lush green lawns to appear almost over night.  Are you seeing signs of spring where you live?  I hope so.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Dollhouse Update

I thought I would show you some changes I made to my little dollhouse.  I can't believe it's been 2 years since my Dad finished assembling it and gave it to me.  It became very clear to me early on this was going to be a longterm project.    It wasn't going to be decorated and furnished overnight.  A lot like decorating my own home.  There are so many options to weigh.  But, I had no trouble picking out the paint color for the 2nd level bedroom:  pink!! 

Hanging the curtains added the right level of softness and I just love how the little spaniel looks right at home in the soft feminine bedroom.  He reminds me of my childhood dog, Sparky, a cocker spaniel.  I loved petting his silky black ears with wavy fur.

I found this vintage sewing machine at Hobby Lobby and knew it had to go in my home.

I added a pick chenille bedspread to the bed and teddy looks right at home.  Pretty and feminine, just the place to escape from the troubles of this life and to dream.

That completes my little tour of the bedroom.  I hope you enjoyed it!


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Decorating for Valentine's Day

I dressed up my front porch a wee bit for Valentine's Day.   I've been noticing lots of burlap on blogs as of late.  At first I wasn't so smitten because the texture seemed too coarse for my taste. 

But, I decided it was just the right texture and color to match the beige on my outdoor chairs.  To it I added a small yarn flower and felt heart.   It kind of reminds me of a package. 

The clouds seem to have camped out for good in Indiana so the bright red is just the pick me up my outdoor space needs.  I guess it's my way of combating the winter doldrums. 

Happy Valentine's Day my friends!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kitchen Love

I completed a little project for my kitchen.  Just a little something special to brighten the mood during these long days of winter.  How has your weather been?  We've had anything from warm rainy days to windy cold days. 

Today, we are getting some snow.  The ground is becoming quite white and it is pretty to watch coming down.  So these little towels with snowflake print go perfectly with our weather!

After sewing on the ruffle I decided to add a monogram - it could match your name or could correspond to the days of the week.

I think these would make lovely housewarming, hostess or bridal shower gifts.  Easy to do and easy to personalize.

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are staying warm!!

Love to you my friends,


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Saige: Girl of the Year

It's always a good day when an American Girl catalog arrives in my mailbox.  This was my first time seeing Saige: girl of the year for 2013.  She didn't disappoint.

Isn't she beautiful?  Her eyes are a gorgeous vivid blue-green and she has long auburn hair (and freckles, too!)  Her hair is plenty long to style into braids.  Isn't it cute off to the side twirled into a long ponytail?  Oh, the possibilities!  She comes with an indigo dress featuring a flared tiered skirt paired with brown riding boots.  The dress's beaded waist is true to her New Mexico heritage.  So what kind of a girl is she?  Well, naturally she loves to ride horses and paint.  Wouldn't you?

I don't know why but I still get an excitement over dolls even though I'm all grown up and have children of my own.  I remember pouring over thick catalogs dreaming about all of the things I wanted for Christmas for my baby doll: strollers, blankets, bottles, clothes, etc.  They were all pink of course!  It was so fun to look at the photos and dream.  

How about you?  Do you like to pour over catalogs and dream?  If so, which ones cause that stir in your heart?



Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

A new beginning dawned today as our calendars flipped to 2013.  Wow!  2012 has come and gone and we are on our way into the new year.  A new year full of hope and expectation.

I thought I would share several photos from our Christmas.  As usual, we loaded up our minivan and traveled to Minnesota to be with our families.  With Christmas music playing, movies to watch, and cookies to munch the trip went by quickly.

We had such a lovely time being together with our loved ones.  It really is what Christmas is all about.

My children were excited to play in Minnesota's snow.  They didn't have as much as previous years but they had fun anyway.   I love to watch them from inside :)

My boys exchanged gifts with one another.

And my foodie son enjoying a "bite" out of his new piggy bank.

Even though December can be so busy with all of the shopping, wrapping and baking I still found time to sew.   My sister asked me to make a doll dress and she selected this sweet pink dress.  The sheer skirt overlay has these tiny sequins that look like bubbles. 

And my biggest project was completing this quilt I started over 2 years ago!

My dear mom was the happy recipient of it.

Those are my silly boys in the background:)

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and I pray God's blessings in the New Year for you.

May you have loving relationships, great health and a close walk with the Lord in 2013.