I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Party Dresses

Rain, rain go away 
please come back another day . . . 
We would love some snow instead 
For after all days and days of rain I dread

Wouldn't snow be so much better?
It is white and lovely
pure and crystalline
and just perfect for December

My boys want to enjoy winter
the shoveling, sledding and snow ball throwing,
after hours of play to come inside
with their frosty cheeks to sip on hot chocolate

Okay, so rainy weather doesn't make for great photos and I'm a struggling poet (he he!)

Even if it's raining outside I have had fun creating these winter dresses for my neices.  In case it's hard to see one is in lilac and the other in white.  They both feature silver snowflakes on the sleeves and skirt overlay.

McCall's pattern 5554 (View B) was used to create the dresses.

Only 10 more days to Christmas!  Can you believe it?  
Since my boys are getting new sleds for Christmas I am praying for some fluffy white snow!
Plus, it really helps set the mood for Christmas don't you think?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Sewing for dolls is pure delight for me.  This dress was no exception!!  Sewing with fancier fabrics scared me a bit but I found it really wasn't that bad.

This dress was an order for someone after a sparkly gem look.  They wanted a rose colored swirl sheer fabric but sadly I couldn't find any.  But, this pink satin  with pink sheer is pure princess if you ask me!

I made a few modifications to a McCall's pattern (5554, View B) to achieve the right look.  I also used a 3-thread rolled edge to hem the sheer fabric.  Worked just perfectly without a lot of effort.   

Now she's all ready for a fancy tea party and a Merry Christmas for a special girl!


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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Secret Santas

A few days ago I announced to my family we should have a little fun with each other by playing secret santas.  Oftentimes I noticed we can treat strangers better than the very loved ones we live with.  I wanted us to think of each other better than ourselves and to go out of our way to do something kind and thoughtful with the restriction of using our own time and talents (no spending allowed!)  With excitement then we quietly drew names from a hat.

Now that we've been playing it for a few days it is a lot of fun!  I chose my oldest son's name and I am beginning to see he picked my name, too!

I was in shock when he asked me if I wanted help with editing our christmas card photo.  Why, yes I certainly did want some help.  My boys would much rather give blood than be all dressed up posing for a silly camera for a sentimental mom.  So the time he took to help me make the final photo cut was a gift indeed.

My oldest son loves to eat and boy do I mean eat!  He feels loved when I make him a snack or a nice meal (he's a lot like his paternal grandpa that way).  His day on Monday was spent mostly away from the family as he had a couple of friends over after school to study and then after dinner they left for youth group.  I had a snack ready for him when they came home and then made dinner for him and his friends.  Then before I went to bed I left him a little toy train filled with Hershey kisses on his bed, knowing he would see it before he crawled under the covers.

I awoke to this note on my ipad the next morning,

Good morning and good day!
Although yesterday may seem so far away,
Truly this note was scribed before midnight,
So your Secret Santa had not forgotten your delight.

And surely a few cheesy couplets can amend
My negligence toward you (which I really did not intend?)

Alas, I will bid thee adieu and entreat that you have an incredible day!

I knew instantly it was son #1 - for he has way with words that leaves me in awe!!

We will probably reveal our secret santas tonight and draw another name so I want to bless son #1 with his favorite meal - PASTA!  They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach and that is certainly true with him. 

Those are a few things I have done for my secret santa.   How about you?  Do you play secret santas?


Friday, December 2, 2011

Decorating for Christmas

After enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving with our parents the fall decorations were soon put away and out came the Christmas boxes!  My boys always enjoy helping set up the tree and this year my youngest 2 were the most excited about doing it.

Once the decorations were on the tree then it was time to put the Christmas train around it.  My youngest likes to pretend the train delivers presents all over the place!  This year we are using an advent calendar book to remember the events leading up to Christ's birth.  Each day is it's own tiny little book that also doubles as an ornament after it is read.  Just the activity we need to keep our focus on Jesus during this busy season of giving, baking, decorating and mailing cards!

On our mantel I hang Christmas stockings from my dear friend who had them made in China when she lived there.  The boys favorite nutcrackers also hold a prized spot on the mantel.

I have several nativity scenes set up in my home but this one always makes me pause and ponder the humbleness of Christ's birth.  It was a wedding gift from my maid of honor.  While I was given several handmade gifts this one is the most unique!  Can you tell what it is made from?  The barn is actually made from birch bark.  It has moss, mushrooms and lichen attached to it.  The pen inside the barn is made from sticks as well as holding up the birch.  This creche has moved with us all over the midwest and has survived well!

How about you?  Have you gotten your decorating done?  Or do you do something else first, like write out your cards?

May your day be blessed!