I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.  It is a day to pause and enjoy the richness of God's grace, mercy and blessings in our life!  All around a table of loving family and warm food.

Today I will be watching my son in a pilgrim play, preparing our home for our parents (who we are so excited to see!) and making last minute stops at the store.

Thanking today for you and pray you have a beautiful thankFUL Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pastry Shop

I joined my sons energetic class on a field trip to learn about different professions.   I was tickled pink we were to tour a local bakery first!!

After walking by the glass cabinets filled with shelves and shelves of pretty pastries the boys and girls were ushered back into the decorating room to get a finger taste of their icing!

Yum!  Then they observed how a baker decorates a cake.  Wow!  Was she fast!  This was my first time in a bakery so it was just a lot of fun to watch what life is like for a baker.  I've seen a few episodes of DC Cupcakes and Cake Boss so this was just delightful.

Next, our baker gave us a tour of her kitchen.  First up was this incredibly LARGE mixer filled with chocolate cake batter.  I have never seen so much cake batter in one bowl.

Mind you this mixer rests on the floor; that's how tall it is!!   Then, she took us around to her oven which was the size of a small room with racks inside that rotated like a ferris wheel.  

Next up was cutting out some cookies.  Our baker put some dough in a roller and the boys and girls used a turkey cutter to cut them out.

Into the oven went the cookies.  Meanwhile,  I took some pictures at the front counter.  In heaven I hope there will be pastry shops with an abundance of sweet treats and no limits!!!!

Wouldn't this cake be perfect for a tea party?

With cookies in hand we got back on the bus and drove to a pizza place.  This turned out to my son's favorite place. 

 Can you guess what was my favorite?

Sweet BlesSings!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Boy

My youngest son, Jacob,  just celebrated his 6th birthday.  Since he is my "baby" it saddens me how quickly he is growing up, all my boys actually.  It seems 6 is an age where little boys start being bigger boys and it isn't long until school, sports and friends will take up a lot of his time.

Like all children Jacob was so eager for his birthday.  I remember as a girl waiting and waiting for my birthday to arrive.  It seemed like time just crawled by and I'm sure he felt the same way.

But, his special day finally arrived and I did something very outside of my character for his party this year.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese just like he wanted. 

Last year Jacob was all about being a police man and wanted a police themed birthday party (see here.)  A year later he is still into it!  So I had Ali from Wee Little Papers design Jacob's cupcake toppers.  She did such an awesome job and my son just loved them!!

They turned out great and Ali is one talented lady!  Check out her shop; she has some really cute things!!

Well, Jacob had a great time with his family and friends and wants to do it all over again next year!  That may be a tough sell for this peace loving mama who prefers parties at home.  I kind of missed the preparation, extra voices and pounding of feet in my home.  It was an experience none the less.

May God bless him in his 6th year of life and you today my dear friends.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Blessings

"For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ,
for it is the power of God to salvation
for everyone who believes,
for the Jew first and also for the Greek."
Romans 1:16

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

my new door

Do you ever have something get under your skin and you feel compelled to do something to get rid of it??  This happens to me quite a bit.  This time it was my front door.  A fairly new door that was beginning to peel for no apparent reason other than the weather taking its' toll on it.  

So, I began to sand the side light curious to see how easily the stain would come off .  Surprisingly, it came off rather easily so I kept going.  But, of course the more I sanded the more I became committed to redoing the WHOLE DOOR.  My husband warned me, but do you think I listened??  Regretfully, this time I didn't.  

I felt confident after reading John Dee's step by step instructions (see here).   John Dee is from This Old House.  He is a pro and I am not as I soon discovered!  But, I told myself I would be saving so much money by doing it myself (always a stickler for that!)

Needless to say after a lot of sanding (bye-bye fingerprints) I succumbed to chemical stripping (with gloves) to get the stubborn stain off.  I started with the side light (shown in the above photo) and then did the opposite sidelight.  Then I tackled the door.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out the door was fiberglass which meant the stain came off with little resistance using a chemical stripper. 

After power washing it was ready to stain. Yippee - I was making progress!!  I found my husbands blue shop towels folded up into a square worked really well for applying the stain.  We took the door off its hinges and with it laying flat there weren't any drips.  Applying the stain was the best part. 

This is the door after 2 coats.  Because the wood, molding and door are all different materials they took the stain to varying degrees.  I kept adding more coats to achieve more of a uniform color.

After a coat of polyurethane this was the end result.  Mind you this took about a month for me to complete working on it 2-3 hours several days a week.  As with many DIY projects this one cost me my blood, sweat and tears.  I had followed the advice of lightly sanding the first coat of polyurethane before adding another one.  I may not have done it "lightly" enough because I saw deep grooves and in some spots the stain came off.  I was completely frustrated with the idea of staining it ONE more time but I did and then added a coat of polyurethane again.  Then the weather turned cold, too cold  to add another recommended coat of polyurethane so I will wait until spring (when memories of how horrid this was will hopefully have faded.)

Little tidbits:  I used Minwax stain in Red Mahogany.
All of my materials cost about $50:  sandpaper, gloves, mineral spirits, brush, stain and polyurethane.   I found small brass brushes (which look like toothbrushes) worked great for getting the stain out around the moldings.
I learned the hard way that sandpaper will etch glass so be careful when sanding near glass!  Also, I will need to touch up the trim paint since sanding, scraping and chemical stripper were not kind to it.

I am glad this project is checked off the list!