I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Monday, July 28, 2014

If you are feeling down today . . .

maybe this will pick you up!!!

This is Mercy Me's newest song.  Listen to it and try not to tap your toes and dance around the room!  It was just the thing I needed to hear today.

Blessings to you today my friends!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Days of the Week Dishcloths

It has been forever and a day since my last post.  Life has a way of keeping me busy and away from my sewing machine.  But, whenever there is a celebration to be had I like to hand make a gift.  It's just my way of giving a gift with my time and talent.  It felt so good to be at my sewing machine.  Being creative is very soothing for me, much like therapy I guess.

I have a cousin getting married really soon.  Unfortunately, distance will prevent me from attending the ceremony.  By far the hardest thing about being away from family is missing out on the gatherings.  Aren't weddings the happiest occasions to attend?

When I saw this on pinterest I knew I wanted to make it for my cousin.  What a great idea of putting the days of the week to dress up an ordinary dishcloth.  And a sneaky way to ensure a fresh dishcloth is used everyday!

I chose bright, cheery fabrics which hopefully will make dishwashing a not so mundane task! To go with the dishcloths I made some similar dishtowels.  This time I used the couples last name for the monogram.

I think these colors will compliment just about any kitchen decor.  And I pray the newlyweds will have many years together of love and joy.


Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gingerbread Sewing Fun

Before Christmas my youngest son, Jacob, was in a gingerbread play.  Before the performance he mentioned he needed a prop like a rolling pin.  Sure, not a problem, but why not add to the look by wearing a chef's hat and apron I thought?  In addition to the play, they made gingerbread cookies and decorated them.  It was all tied to a unit on economics.  I found green fabric with tiny gingerbread boys on them and knew it was perfect.  I found a tutorial here for the hat.  It was an easy pattern and free!  The apron I made up on my own since I used a basic rectangular shape for it.

After Christmas I decided to make some hot pads with the extra fabric.  I had fun with some diagonal quilting.   It's just enough quilting to give it a custom look without looking overly done.

For the potholders I followed this tutorial.  I made mine a wee bit smaller  (9x9") since I am prefer that size.  With only a 1/4yd of fabric and 1 package of bias tape you can make 3 potholders.  Now, when I open my drawer for a hot pad these happy gingerbread boys greet me.  Sure beats the loved, but well worn potholders I've been using for many years!

It's been fun to get back into sewing.  Winter months are good for that it seems.  Speaking of winter after our long bout with snow and sub zero temperatures we are headed into a warming trend.  How wonderful it will be.

Love to you my dear readers!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Winter Storm

Hello my friends!

One of the many blessings of a major snowstorm is I actually have time to blog!  My family and I marveled at the pretty snowfall that turned our whole world white on Sunday.  It was a warm day but as evening came on the temperatures dipped to negative digits and the wind howled all night long.   My son and I were talking about snowflakes unique properties.  For instance, did you know they are almost always 6 sided?  And it is extremely unlikely any two would ever look alike.  There has been a lot of research about snowflakes and how different temperatures, humidity and wind factor into what they look like.  Pretty awesome to wonder at God's creation.  Winter can be such a beautiful season, the only downside is the cold temperatures, ha ha!

With travel restrictions and road closures we have been housebound since the snow started.  No work and school has us all staying cozy together.  I love how the whole day stretches in front of me with no obligations or commitments.  It has been nice catching up on things that long hovered on my to-do list.  Ever since going back to work over a year ago that list has been there.  Oh, over time I have accepted things won't get done at the pace I'd like but now I have been able to organize the home and declutter. I love the freeing feeling it gives me. I've even been able to squeeze in some sewing!  Oh, how my heart dances. Tomorrow I hope to show you what sewing I have completed.

Blessings and Peace in the New Year and stay warm if you are one of the many states affected by this storm!