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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pastry Shop

I joined my sons energetic class on a field trip to learn about different professions.   I was tickled pink we were to tour a local bakery first!!

After walking by the glass cabinets filled with shelves and shelves of pretty pastries the boys and girls were ushered back into the decorating room to get a finger taste of their icing!

Yum!  Then they observed how a baker decorates a cake.  Wow!  Was she fast!  This was my first time in a bakery so it was just a lot of fun to watch what life is like for a baker.  I've seen a few episodes of DC Cupcakes and Cake Boss so this was just delightful.

Next, our baker gave us a tour of her kitchen.  First up was this incredibly LARGE mixer filled with chocolate cake batter.  I have never seen so much cake batter in one bowl.

Mind you this mixer rests on the floor; that's how tall it is!!   Then, she took us around to her oven which was the size of a small room with racks inside that rotated like a ferris wheel.  

Next up was cutting out some cookies.  Our baker put some dough in a roller and the boys and girls used a turkey cutter to cut them out.

Into the oven went the cookies.  Meanwhile,  I took some pictures at the front counter.  In heaven I hope there will be pastry shops with an abundance of sweet treats and no limits!!!!

Wouldn't this cake be perfect for a tea party?

With cookies in hand we got back on the bus and drove to a pizza place.  This turned out to my son's favorite place. 

 Can you guess what was my favorite?

Sweet BlesSings!


Shann said...

My daughter wants to be a pastry chef when she is grown. She has her school all picked out and everything! What a cute shop you went to. And what a fun day you had with your cute son! Pizza or cupcakes???? Hum.....gotta go with the cupcakes. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, my sweet tooth aches at the thought of all that culinary sweetness!

What Fun.