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Monday, November 7, 2011

Birthday Boy

My youngest son, Jacob,  just celebrated his 6th birthday.  Since he is my "baby" it saddens me how quickly he is growing up, all my boys actually.  It seems 6 is an age where little boys start being bigger boys and it isn't long until school, sports and friends will take up a lot of his time.

Like all children Jacob was so eager for his birthday.  I remember as a girl waiting and waiting for my birthday to arrive.  It seemed like time just crawled by and I'm sure he felt the same way.

But, his special day finally arrived and I did something very outside of my character for his party this year.  We went to Chuck E. Cheese just like he wanted. 

Last year Jacob was all about being a police man and wanted a police themed birthday party (see here.)  A year later he is still into it!  So I had Ali from Wee Little Papers design Jacob's cupcake toppers.  She did such an awesome job and my son just loved them!!

They turned out great and Ali is one talented lady!  Check out her shop; she has some really cute things!!

Well, Jacob had a great time with his family and friends and wants to do it all over again next year!  That may be a tough sell for this peace loving mama who prefers parties at home.  I kind of missed the preparation, extra voices and pounding of feet in my home.  It was an experience none the less.

May God bless him in his 6th year of life and you today my dear friends.


Anonymous said...

Hi KK,

Thanks for sharing the pictures of Jacob's birthday. I am so looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Glad that he had a good time, poor Kathy...Chuck-E-Cheese...yuck! :)

Alison said...

I am so happy Jacob had a Happy Birthday!!! Every boy wants a Chuckie Cheese birthday at some point as well. Glad you liked the toppers as well. It was fun to make boy stuff again.