I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Party Dresses

Rain, rain go away 
please come back another day . . . 
We would love some snow instead 
For after all days and days of rain I dread

Wouldn't snow be so much better?
It is white and lovely
pure and crystalline
and just perfect for December

My boys want to enjoy winter
the shoveling, sledding and snow ball throwing,
after hours of play to come inside
with their frosty cheeks to sip on hot chocolate

Okay, so rainy weather doesn't make for great photos and I'm a struggling poet (he he!)

Even if it's raining outside I have had fun creating these winter dresses for my neices.  In case it's hard to see one is in lilac and the other in white.  They both feature silver snowflakes on the sleeves and skirt overlay.

McCall's pattern 5554 (View B) was used to create the dresses.

Only 10 more days to Christmas!  Can you believe it?  
Since my boys are getting new sleds for Christmas I am praying for some fluffy white snow!
Plus, it really helps set the mood for Christmas don't you think?


Ali said...

I agree! We need snow and I have actually been praying for it. We have only had one tiny dusting and the rest has been rain as well. But we can't get snow while my Sissy is driving home from Michigan, we gotta get her home for Christmas. I love the dresses you made! They will make your niece very happy. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful season!

Anonymous said...

They are very beautiful Kathy, so festive and feminine. I am sure the girls will love them.