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"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gingerbread Sewing Fun

Before Christmas my youngest son, Jacob, was in a gingerbread play.  Before the performance he mentioned he needed a prop like a rolling pin.  Sure, not a problem, but why not add to the look by wearing a chef's hat and apron I thought?  In addition to the play, they made gingerbread cookies and decorated them.  It was all tied to a unit on economics.  I found green fabric with tiny gingerbread boys on them and knew it was perfect.  I found a tutorial here for the hat.  It was an easy pattern and free!  The apron I made up on my own since I used a basic rectangular shape for it.

After Christmas I decided to make some hot pads with the extra fabric.  I had fun with some diagonal quilting.   It's just enough quilting to give it a custom look without looking overly done.

For the potholders I followed this tutorial.  I made mine a wee bit smaller  (9x9") since I am prefer that size.  With only a 1/4yd of fabric and 1 package of bias tape you can make 3 potholders.  Now, when I open my drawer for a hot pad these happy gingerbread boys greet me.  Sure beats the loved, but well worn potholders I've been using for many years!

It's been fun to get back into sewing.  Winter months are good for that it seems.  Speaking of winter after our long bout with snow and sub zero temperatures we are headed into a warming trend.  How wonderful it will be.

Love to you my dear readers!

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