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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Apron is Finally Done!

I finally finished this apron I started months ago. I made a mistake on how I laid it out, not once, but twice!!! Can you believe that? My friend wanted an apron that didn't tie behind the neck so this pattern was perfect since the straps criss-crossed in the back and buttoned to the waistband.

I always get nervous picking out fabric for other people so I quizzed her on what she would like. She told me she likes subdued colors and one of her favorites is sage green. I thought this fabric was a good choice with the tan and green accents. The fabric has a cute mixture of kitchen tools on it. Since I couldn't find matching bias tape (even after searching the internet) I made my own. Attaching the 1/4" tape was tough to say the least.

Making these potholders was like icing on the cake. They were easy and fun. The wider bias tape was much easier to attach!

I checked this book out from the library as I was working on this project. There are a lot of cute projects in it if you are looking for some inspiration.

I am happy to have completed this for my friend; I hope she likes it!

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Sewn With Grace said...

Oh I love it!! I haven't seen that print before. It's so pretty. You did a great job!