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"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Some sewing for my boys . . .

There aren't many things I've found to sew for my boys.  So, when I have an opportunity I jump all over it!  Well, my youngest son has loved a little pillow his Grammie made him for years!  When he was old enough to sleep with it, it was right near his side.  But, since it has been loved SO MUCH it was looking a bit sad and need of a replacement.  I finally convinced him to come with me to the fabric store and he was sure Purdue fabric was just right.  I even tackled a knitted cap in the same colors.  It was a rewarding project as I've tried numerous knitted or crocheted projects before and gotten confused with the patterns and given up.  This cap was simply a stockinette stitch with no shaping. It will surely keep him warm on the preschool playground. 
My third oldest wasn't to be out done and wanted his own pillow.  And, this is the fabric he choose!

It was such fun to make these for them.   What do you like to make for boys?

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Honey said...

I only have a nephew that I get to sew for. I have made a couple pillows for him as well and a scarf. He love the St. Louis Cardinals as well! So does my husband. I love working with fleece. Boys seem to like it and it holds up well my sister says for her active boy! :)