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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Beginnings

We've had a number of new beginnings at our house lately.  First of all, my third oldest just started guitar lessons and he is really enjoying it (despite mommy reminding him to practice!)  "Mary had a Little Lamb" and "Merrily" are some of the songs he's been playing.

We were surprised and extremely pleased to learn his teacher is a Christian.  He gave this pick to my son after he told him he listens to Christian music.  How cool is that??

"White Cloche"  0-3 month

"Strawberry Pink Cloche"  3-6 month size

"Hot Pink Cloche" 6-12 month size
 While he's been learning notes and chords I've been learning how to crochet these beauties.  I saw these baby cloche hats featured on Aesthetic Nest and I just had to try them.  They look so adorable on sweet baby girls.  Her tutorial can be found here.  I used the "Sugar'n Cream" cotton yarn she recommended.  It is really easy to work with and readily available.  The hats go pretty fast once you get the pattern down (took me a few tries!)

photo found here
The last new beginning to share with you is I have been asked to cover for our church's administrative assistant while she is on maternity leave.  So, after a few days of training I begin tomorrow!  I am both excited and nervous but I couldn't imagine better people to work for.

While I have never been a daily blogger this new opportunity will probably mean less sewing and blogging for me.  I am sure this will hone my time management skills!!  

Any new beginnings in your life?

Blessings on your day!

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Anonymous said...

I will be going to the shower Sunday and have no doubt that your creations will be greatly appreciated.

These little hats are so adorable.