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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Birdie Pillow Love

A few weeks ago my mom (in-love) came to visit us with a few of her friends on their way back home from Florida. 

Holy Land Experience
 One of the places they visited in Florida was The Holy Land Experience, a living biblical museum, located in Orlando.  I had never heard of it before but it is definitely a place I would love to take my boys (and it wouldn't hurt to "see" the beach, either!)  Anyway, they were on the road for quite a few days and were tired from their journey by the time they got to my home.  They were happy to be able to kick back and relax.

One of the sweet gals who stayed here is a bird lover.  In fact, she shared with me she has a pair of lorikeets.  Aren't they beautiful birds?  I just love their bright colors!

Needless to say she was smitten by the throw pillows on my couch.  She thought the birds were so cute!  Well, these I had just picked up at Target after Valentine's Day at 75% off.  At the time, I knew they were a brighter red than my couch but my boys had "loved on" the silk embroidered pillows I had made a little too much and so I thought these would be good indestructible replacements! 

I said I would be happy to sew her some throw pillows since her couches were without some pillow love!  She was so delighted that I would do that for her.  I promised her I'd find some bird fabric to go with her black leather sofa and love seat.

Well, after they went home I found this cardinal fleece at Hobby Lobby and bought it since she told me she really liked cardinals.  In fact, when she was here, she shared how one day she had been talking with the Lord how she wasn't seeing any cardinals.  Since God is a big God, who goes beyond what we could ask or think, He sent her a whole flock of cardinals one day for her to see right outside her window!  Isn't that awesome?  I love how he didn't send just one, but many for her enjoyment! 

image found here
I do think cardinals are one of the prettiest birds.  They are so striking against a snowy landscape.  I always feel honored when I see "one" because it doesn't happen very often.

Well, I made a total of 4 pillows for her.  There wasn't any fancy sewing involved by any means!  I found the pillow inserts (18x18") at Hobby Lobby for a very reasonable price and read it's best to cut the fabric the same size as the pillow insert (using a 1/2" seam allowance) so that it will be nice and fluffy when closed up.

There you are Karen, I hope you like them!

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