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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Windy City

New Year's Day found hubby and I in Chicago. They don't call it the windy city for nothing! The locals have it figured out though.  Everyone we passed on the sidewalk was warmly bundled. Maybe they get used to it, I wondered? The women looked so fashionable in their high boots and black coats. This was my first time downtown near the Navy Pier. I've driven through the city countless times but I have never stopped for a visit. Our plans were to go to the American Girl Place first.  But, my eyes took in the plethora of fancy shops like Burberry, Armani, Bloomingdale's and on and on.
Take a look at the size of their tree!
It would have been fun to do some window shopping but my ever focused hubby steered me clear of any of that! It was time to get my Christmas gift - a doll for myself. You're never too old for dolls, right? I've always been a doll lover; I'm a girly girl through and through. Ever since my first visit to the American Girl Place at Mall of America last summer these dolls have intrigued me. I've been mostly sheltered by the whole phenomenon having only boys and friends with boys, and nieces who live hundreds of miles away. But, then I had so much fun sewing doll clothes for my nieces that I wanted the fun to continue!

Here are some pictures I took of our time there.  The picture quality isn't the best since the dolls are behind glass.  There was so much to ooh and aah over!

Isn't this bitty baby dressed all in red with her teddy bear cute?
And what about her all dressed for summer?
Aren't they a lovely pair?  Such gorgeous colors.
A birthday celebration, anyone? 
While the bitty baby's are cute I really prefer the 18" dolls.  And what a variety to choose from!  There are the historical dolls, like Rebecca (who almost came home with me.)

Isn't she pretty?
 And then there are the "look like me" dolls who live the life we'd like to have, such as this . . .

Breakfast in bed no less!
The doll on the left reminds me of the muff I had as a girl.

Friends all dressed for winter.

And, isn't she dressed nice?

Pretty in pink.
The chinese doll reminds me of my friend who collects international dolls.

Pretty girls.

So, which doll did I come home with?  Well, I will save that for the next posting!
May your cup overflow with blessings today!

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Anonymous said...

Oh my, I would have had such a time picking which one to take home.

They are all so awesome!