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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Plenty O' Petunias

A few weeks ago I promised you pictures of flowers I was putting around my house. Sorry it took so long!! A week of bad storms and redoing our landscaping delayed me!!!

So here they are,

Mounding Petunias with Spike
I have a lot of concrete off my breakfast room and these pots filled with pretty purple petunias helps soften it up.  I like the spike in the center to give it some height.  Plus, it is pretty to watch blowing in the breeze.:)    I have a matching pot on the other side of our patio door.

Pots can be an investment but I was happy to find these fairly large black ones at Lowe's for about $10.  Come fall it will be easy to change out the petunias for mums.

This is a spreading Petunia that I bought in a basket but just removed the hangers.  It sits on the edge of my patio.  It  is a big splash of color!!

Spreading Petunia

Coming around to the front of my house is this basket of petunias with blue lobelia in the center. 

Next to my front door I have another pot with you guessed it, more petunias.  But white this time!!  I like how it brightens up the entryway.  Petunia's are a full sun plant but it is doing just fine on my porch where it only gets morning sun.  I love how each flower is pointed towards the sun!

Lastly, this is my fuschia plant sitting on my front porch.  It's kind of suffering and I'm not sure why.  Too much sun maybe?

I had a few petununia's left over that I planted in our front garden bed.  I was surprised to find them all gone, except one yesterday!  There was nothing left of them, not even the roots!  A bunny had a late night snack?  I am so grateful the potted petunia's were left unharmed!!

So there you have it - plenty o' petunias!  Happy Gardening everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Everything is so bright and cheerful and of course, pink is always a winner, right?

I also like the new design of this site. Very elegante!