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"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Trio of Blankies

I had the joy of reconnecting with a high school friend via Facebook recently. That's my favorite part about FB! It's been a great tool to keep in touch with people who live far from me. I wanted to make some blankets for her 10-month old son who had outgrown his. I used Anneliese's tutorial from Aesthetic Nest to make these super soft and cuddly blankets.

Large Blanket
I purchased the ultra cuddle fabric from Joann's and cut them about 34x48" and so the finished size with the binding was about 38x52" (uses exactly 5 yds of binding.)  I am hoping this will be a good size size since a crib mattress is 28x52". Since all my boys are out of the crib figuring out the "right size" caused a bit of anxiety!!  Making the lovey was easier; cutting each piece 14x14" (to allow for enough pattern to be shown.)  A smaller version of the blankie is great for taking anywhere: the car, the store, you get the idea.

The corners of the blankie's could be delightful for rubbing under the nose (my guys loved to do that with their thumbs in their mouth:)

Corner of Lovey
I also made a lighter weight blankie which I envisioned for those nights when the air conditioning is blowing.  I simply serged the edges of a trimmed 1 1/4 yds of fabric.  Who doesn't love knit?  It's so soft against the skin and lays so nicely to the contours of the body.  It's all rolled up and tied with a bow! 

A trio of blankies all ready for snuggling under.

Have a nice weekend!!


Anneliese said...

These blankets are adorable! Thakns so much for sharing them with me.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful KK...I am sure your friend will be thriled. :)