I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Spring!!!

Here in Indiana we are experiencing a very unusually warm start to spring.  It has been such a blessing to be outdoors and see the changes that are taking place in nature.  The grass is greening up, leaves are coming out on the trees and much is happening in our garden!

Did you know that "all of creation speaks of His glory?"  I believe the reason why we enjoy being outside so much and feel a calm there is because we are surrounded by His glory!  Nature is such a wonderful blessing from the Lord and I am so thankful to Him for it.

Last spring and fall my husband and I (and some unwilling sons) undertook a major redo in our landscaping.  We weren't really satisfied with the first attempt in the spring so we made some changes in the fall.  At that time we were able to buy a lot of plants on clearance since it was the end of season.  We are so excited to see how everything will look this year.

Taking center stage right now are our daffodils.  They were a freebie from the nursery we like to shop at.  They are such a bright spot of sunshine that just make us smile.

My husband and I both enjoy gardening but it wasn't always so.  When we were first married almost 19 years ago he was the one who transformed the overgrown flower beds at our starter home.  While I enjoyed the colorful blooms I had no desire to plant anything myself and I struggled to remember the plant names he would roll off the tip of his tongue.  Also, I could never remember what an annual and perennial were.  But, over the years my interest began to grow and slowly I could remember flower names and keep the annual/perennial thing straight.  By about that time, my husband was busy with his career and I was solo-ing in the gardens of a subsequent home.  It was a bit frustrating for me at times but yet I knew deep down this was something we both would enjoy doing as time went on.

Thankfully, that is where we are at now in our 4th home.  To think we have gardened in 4 different states (Nebraska, Michigan, Missouri and now Indiana!)  It is nice to have a shared hobby between him and I.  For many years we didn't have a one or so it seemed.

Over the weekend my husband wanted to go shopping for some more bulbs.  We always enjoy strolling through the tables of plants and selecting what we like.  There are definite male/female differences but we are respectful of each others taste and somehow we meld them together.  Isn't that just like marriage anyway?

These blue hyacinths made it home with us and into the garden. 

As well as some phlox.  The good thing about hubby being involved is I don't have to dig all the holes and carry the bags of dirt!

Thanks for taking a walk through my garden.  How have you been enjoying this warm spring?


Shann said...

Your flowers are beautiful Kathy! How nice that you have a help mate to garden with you. :)
I have been enjoying my windows open and hearing the neighbor children laughing and playing. It is a sweet sweet sound.
Have a wonderful night!
Hugs, Shann

Anonymous said...

I loved your comments Kathy and am looking forward very soon to seeing the garden in person. Thanks for sharing.