I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Baby Linens

I found my sewing groove again!  I spent a couple of days sewing some baby things for the new nursery at our church.  I started to add the looped ribbon to my soft blocks and I think they look so much more inviting now!  If you pick them up they rattle thanks to a bell inside!!

These soft cloths can be used to burp many a baby.

But these I did a bit differently and I like them so much better.  Just doing a wee bit of applique with the ribbon down the sides makes them look almost too cute to use.  Wouldn't they be cute draped across a tiny clothesline in a nursery with some matching onesies?

Blessings dear friends!


Anonymous said...

Oh my Kathy, it just gets better and better. I pray that a market will open up for all of these wonderful things that you make. They are such a blessing, such a treat. Luv U. Momya

Shann said...

Those are so sweet Kathy!! I love the little blocks with bells inside. I can see lots of little chubby fingers playing with those. The burp rags are darling with the ribbon and fabric on them. Toooo cute! :)

Ali said...

I love the blocks! I am jealous, wish I could sew or better yet have the desire. I am better at paper and tape. :) Those babies in the nursery will be so happy! Thank you for the yummy salsa recipe. I will make it for Super Bowl Sunday. My Dad loooooves salsa like me so we can both enjoy it. Happy Wednesday!