I Cor 16:14

"Let all that you do be done with love." I Cor 16:14

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Scenes

 A winter storm came upon us yesterday and the wind has been pushing the fine white snow into drifts.  
My front porch is under a blanket of white!  The snow is a pretty contrast to the red throw pillows on my chairs and the red roses on my wreath.  Recently, I took down my Christmas wreath and finally made a yarn wreath I had been wanting to do for awhile.  I found having an extra pair of hands when wrapping the wreath with yarn makes it go much faster!

My latest drawing is quite fitting for the wintry scenery just outside our windows. 
My boys are hoping there will be enough snow to go sledding. 
Their Christmas sleds are ready!

After getting all my boys off to school with a delayed start this morning I plan on doing some sewing.
It's been since Christmas I've used my sewing machines so I ready to find my sewing groove again!
 This cheery safari flannel is what I will be working with.

 I am making linens for the new baby nursery at our church.

Hope this day finds you well!


Shann said...

Hi Kathy! :)
I love your wreath! It takes a loooong time to wrap those things, doesn't it? How nice that you had an extra two hands to help you. I will remember that the next time I make one. I love your winter drawing. You are good! :)
My kids got to break out the Christmas sleds yesterday as well. It is still coming down. Remember the Lake Effect stuff???? Hee hee.
Your little nursery project looks so cute too! Please show us when you are done. :)
Have a lovely weekend dearie!

Anonymous said...

Hi KK,

I love your drawing. Maybe by next year for Christmas you will do something for my guest bathroom wall. hint, hint!

The wreath looks wonderful, way cool!