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Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Day of Thrills at Cedar Point

We spent our last day of vacation at Cedar Point. It was definitely a day of thrills! My husband and I took our youngest to the kiddie rides while the older boys braved the big roller coasters. The park offers a wide variety of rides for the little kids and the lines were quite short. They even had a couple of coasters for my son (age 4). He loved it! We met up with the older boys for lunch and then my husband went with them to ride Top Thrill Dragster. I was much too scared to go on this ride . . . see for yourself.

This ride launches you at 120mph in less than 4 seconds and soars to a height of about 400ft! Scary!!! I was in awe watching the cars at the station waiting and waiting to be launched (while everyone's fear builds!) The engines rev and then it backs up slightly before leaving. Wow! That's all I can say!

This park has been voted "the best" for the last 12 years. It sits on a peninsula on Lake Erie in Sandusky, Ohio. On one side is their marina and the other a nice beach for dipping your toes in the water. There is really something for everyone at this park.

My boys are still talking about the rides and say we have to go back next year!

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